Codi Ann Backman

"Her attention to detail and her exceptional eye
for organic design enables her to create pieces that are seriously timeless."

- Morgan Stuber


Commercial Photography

Rates per project

She is intrigued by your story. She doesn't want to make you or your brand look any different than you are. She simply wishes to shed light and share what you do in the moments you feel most yourself. Her ideal client is a humble and loving couple, a shop-keeper or restaurant owner who wishes to share their journey, a hotel that seeks beautiful but not gaudy.


Everlane, Shinola, Bukwild, The Coachman Hotel, The Mill Sacramento, JP Morgan Chase, Uber, Flowers for Dreams, Cecilia Gallery, Sackcloth & Ashes, and Purina.

  for  The Mill Sacramento

for The Mill Sacramento

  for  Mike and Julia's intimate ceremony in San Francisco, California

for Mike and Julia's intimate ceremony in San Francisco, California


C+S Co.

Rates starting at $3,500

Within the last year, Codi and her husband Spencer have started partnering together as a creative team in many ways, but specifically with weddings and destination elopements.

Codi and Spencer share the mind and eyes of designers, and seek to not change your story to fit their own ideas, but to see and capture the beautiful moments of your day as they genuinely unfold. 

They also both take a journalist approach to photography. While there will be certain moments for posed photos, the majority of the moments they capture will be just that: real, genuine moments captured the way that they happen, not elaborate engineered poses. 

They prefer photographs that make use of dynamic interaction between the couple, as oppose to freezing in static positions. In a wedding setting, what this looks like will be simply asking you to do something you would do anyway, such as adjusting your collar or applying your makeup, but perhaps by the window instead of the other side of the room. By very slightly altering the environment and making use of their skills for thoughtful composition, Codi and Spencer will capture important scenes from your day without getting in your way.

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Hand-lettering + Stationery Design

Rates per project and material

For ten years, Codi Ann has had a deep affinity for letter writing, calligraphy, and manipulating penmanship to create beautiful lettering. Whether it has been a part of an art piece or for the menu for a wedding, she loves few things more than combining the perfect handmade paper with the most complimentary text, envelope or wax seal.

Her ideal client is a modern bride who appreciates personal touch, a restaurant seeking a more unique way to display their menu, or a brand or company who is wanting their print collateral or website to be more intimate or personal to their client.

 for the wedding of Morgan and Sam Stuber

for the wedding of Morgan and Sam Stuber