Fresh levain, oil-cured olives and charred fruit.

This past Sunday, Spencer and I eagerly prepared and styled our first official supper at home for our dear friends, Lonnie and Daniel. I had just purchased and assembled our dining room benches (thank you, Ikea) which pretty much completed our living room as far as furniture is concerned. What seemed like a large desk with one chair in our living room turned into a fully functioning dining room table. We're pretty thrilled.

My husband and I both have an eye and desire to style, design and create experiences for other people. We had a really amusing and fun afternoon collaborating and going back and forth about the way that everything would go together and how. Because he's so amazing at food pairing and profiling, he came up with the entirety of the menu, and we created a written menu which was separated into "starters", "main" and "afters".

For our starters, we had fresh levain baked locally by a friend of ours, Daniel with irish butter, Côtes du Rhône, and a selection of various cheese brought by our friends. And then for our main dish, I cooked shells with oil-cured olives and mushrooms straight out of a Sunday Suppers recipe book. Our afters may possibly be my favorite. Spencer made charred nectarines with a whipped yogurt and drizzled lightly in maple syrup. It was unbelievable. We spent several hours eating, chatting, and took a walk around our neighborhood after our first dessert and before apple pie and cream. It couldn't have been a more lovely Sunday.

Thank you Lonnie and Daniel for coming and spending the evening with us, and of course, thank you Spence for all of your help and for being such a wonderful cook and designer. You're too good.