Skincare, health-care, same thing.


I imagine many people feel similarly in that your bathroom or morning/night routine is one of your most personal. It’s almost as if when people ask your routine, they’re indirectly asking, “how [well] do you take care of yourself?” While I definitely am curious what natural products someone uses in their skincare routine, I’m also and maybe more interested in what they do to take care of their overall health. Yes, using high-quality natural products on your skin is important, but it’s crucial that a good skincare routine is paired with a healthy lifestyle, diet, and proper care of your gut.

For most of my life, I was on medications for chronic pain, used over-the-counter pain killers, was taking antibiotics frequently, smoking cigarettes, and on hormonal birth control pills. I never really had acne at that time—nothing more than the occasional spot here and there. But when I started to strip away those medications because they weren’t necessary, weren’t good for me, etc., my skin definitely got worse. And my health got worse. I had so many issues I’d never dealt with before start to come up. More and more, it felt like I was at a war with my body. I had been prescribed all of these medications that ultimately started creating new problems, and I wasn’t aware of those problems until I stopped taking all of these medications because they were masking new symptoms.

Complexion is a reflection of overall health.
Acne is a check engine light.
— Wellness Repair

The other day, I stood in front of our Christmas tree amazed that it was losing its pine needles all over the floor so quickly, and it wasn’t until I got down on the ground to see that the base of the live tree was hovering over the water dish, and I had no idea how long it had been that way. I quickly filled up the tree base, or bowl, or whatever you’d like to call it, and I think it’s done better of course. It made me think about people who dye roses different colors by putting them in water with color dye. Our skin, our bodies are remarkably similar. If you work as a dishwasher and the restaurant uses a bleach bath to disinfect dishes, the skin on your hands starts to turn crusty, deeply split, and dry with frequent exposure. Essential oils are a really powerful example. Oregano oil on our skin, without a carrier oil, is unbearable. Tea Tree Oil very quickly dries our acne and cleans out wounds. Clove can be used to numb your greatest toothache. Our bodies, when you pay attention, show us all the time how what we do affects it. There’s something I really want to help people understand because it took me far too long to realize it for myself. Everything you put into and onto your body makes a difference. Looking back and with the knowledge that I have now, all of my health concerns could have been treated naturally. The acne, the antibiotic-resistant infections, the stomach pains, imbalanced hormones—all avoidable.

So, in going back to the original question: what is your routine?, I’m going to share more than just what products I apply to my skin. I’m going to share nearly all of the products that I use internally and externally. If you have any questions about any of these products, please do let me know. I have been using them all for some time now and have seen great results thus far. My routine is something that I have to commit to not just because self-care is important, but because my overall health is important. Taking care of yourself, to me, doesn’t just happen when things are hard or when I feel like I need a little extra loving. It’s dedication to reversing the damage I’ve done over the years and making decisions to prevent further damage. It’s making smart choices about what you put into your body, and fueling your body with food that is good rather than what is quick and easy.



L'initié W389 Mineral Toner

L'initie Vera Pure

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay for once a week masks


Probiotics and a probiotic-rich diet.

A diet consisting of no sugar, low-carbs, no white carbohydrates (ex. white breads, white rice), and no processed foods.

Vitamin D3.

Metabolic Makeover consisting of:

  1. Xtra - contains bioenergetics to optimize cellular energy production, and antioxidant protection to positively impact overall brain function and sharpness. Scientifically formulated with Protectin™, an award-winning, internationally patented compound shown to dramatically improve joint comfort and flexibility.

2. Aloe - 100% hand-harvested peak Aloe, specially grown and selected to deliver optimized bioactives for immune and digestive health.

3. RegeniCare - supports cardiovascular health and healthy blood circulation.

4. RegeniFree - dramatically improves joint comfort and flexibility. Contains curcumin, a powerful antioxidant, derived from Turmeric root for inflammation.

5. Level G - provides support for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.


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