Scenes at Home.


The past several days have been hard for my health and the past several weeks, hard on my creative spirit. Yesterday, I felt a little less pain (both physically and emotionally) and a little more of an urge to create. To just be myself in what I am and what I’m going through, to share visions as I imagine them in my head. To not think too much or worry about what that looks like. Be more forgiving of the space I take up, more in tune with Grace. To be especially grateful for all of the beauty that fills my life and carry that with me more consciously...

I wanted to create a few images that captured not only the objects that fill my home, but a small window into what it’s been like to be tied to resting when you’re unwell. If it weren’t for a sense of gratitude for what is around me, for my husband who helps me in and out of bed when I’m in pain, or small spurts of creativity, this past week would have been a lot harder on the heart than it already was. Gratitude seldom fails.


simple pleasures

A letter from Moriah from France. An aromatherapy roll on I carry with me everywhere to calm the nerves. Nan’s house robe that I’ve now adopted (which Spencer used to use as a cape whilst sneaking around the yard when he was a boy). Proverbs and James. ACV + honey tea—the honey squeezed out from honeycomb by my lovely mother in law, brought home in a small striped bowl.