A Day in Everlane's Rain Boots.

Every once in a while if I resonate with the company and their mission enough, I’ll accept what is called a Gifted Ad—a project where photographs and a review are exchanged for product. A couple of weeks ago, Everlane reached out to sample their Rain Boot which is launching on February 4th and I thought it’d be a fun opportunity to sample some of their new product and create something different. Spencer and I were able to work together for the first time in a while and I spent the day romping around Sacramento testing them out.

Although they didn’t ask for it, I decided to do a video review of my initial thoughts on IGTV. I don’t show my face or talk to the camera very often, so it was definitely an experience! But you can find my thoughts there. Below, you can view products that are on their waitlist, including their Rain Boots. If you don’t feel up to watching a six minute video on boots (ha!), just know that I 9/10 recommend them. They’re heavy, durable, and they actually keep water out well at least up to your ankle. They’re easier to put on than I thought because of a slit design in the rubber that allows them to expand—probably one of my favorite features. And of course, they are affordable, look great, and are ethically made. I am not sure I could ask more from a rain boot and I’m quite excited to take them up to the mountains and give them a proper go. Til then, here’s a sneak peek into our day.

Photography: Spencer Backman