This last year was the year that many things began for me. It was my first full year living in California. It marked the one year anniversary I had with my best friend, Spencer. It marked the first full year of someone who, for the first time in their life, knew a higher power. I had put major efforts and money into regaining my health, slid backwards several times over, was on "bed rest" for several weeks, and have been dealing with an incredibly resilient and recurring infection. I learned a lot about how my body works, and what I can do more of to help it to get better. I started working part-time at a coffeeshop in order to gain financial freedom from debt and to start putting money towards my future, and I started to question more often how and why I do everything that I do in a way that makes my life simpler and often times, more efficient and enjoyable (thank you, Spence). I broke down a lot of walls, barricades and barriers in my own mind and heart, and I started to live out the life I always hoped I could have. I started saying "yes" more often rather than "maybe" or "someday". Instead of saying, "I don't know how", I started saying, "teach me", and instead of saying, "I can't," I took on the mindset of: "I'm not quite there yet but I will be".

All of this to say that 2018 is the year that I hope to embody this more, to continue to see the ways that being a "yes person" does truly change your life. And of course, to share this journey with you.

Codi Ann Backman